Here’s a small collection of animated intro’s and end card I’ve produced while working at SS&E. Being a part of the Brand Engagement team, I work closely with sponsorship and marketing to bring their concepts to life.

Occasionally, we’re tasked with creating something that’s a bit out of the Spurs core Branding. Though this is just a small sample size of all the animated bumpers, I’d like to think these 4 videos best demonstrate how well the Spurs brand can really adapt to different graphical styles.

Software Used:

Cinema 4D

After Effects


C4D’s Sketch & Toon

Silver & Black Give Back - 30th Year Anniversary

Going into the Summer of 2018, my team, Creative Services, was asked to come up with a concept for “Silver and Black Give Back’s” 30th year anniversary. After a few revisions, we got an approved lock up and I brought the logo into a 3D space.

Rendered with C4D’s Physical Render.

Spurs - Summer League 2018 Intro

Right before the 2018 NBA draft, I was tasked with making a graphics package for our Summer League content. Here’s a small sample size of what I came up with.


Render with Octane.

Spurs - Social Media Stats

In the Summer of 2017, Creative Services was given an opportunity to 3D scan our roster. I’ve never worked with 3D characters prior to this so it was a lot to learn. Along the way, we came up with cool treatment for the 3D scans to be used an extended it out to social. These graphics were used to update the stats on Twitter during games. Hopefully moving forward, we can scan our players again because this project was a lot of fun.


Rendered with Octane.

Spurs Sports Academy - Intro

Spurs Sport Academy is youth basketball camp hosted by the Spurs. Last season, we created all the branding from the ground up. The colors and the primary typeface lent itself perfectly for a sketchy-toony treatment. I modeled the scene to be very angular and drew inspiration from some college programs I’ve seen around the web.


Rendered with C4D’s Standard Render.

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