Every February, the San Antonio Rodeo completely takes over the AT&T Center. The Hardwood court gets taken apart and 70 truckloads of Rodeo Soil takes it’s place. Because of this, around every NBA All-Star Break, the Spurs take a 2 week long road trip. This animation is played during our broadcast, and posted to our social media platforms in order to document the team’s stops and mileage.

2018’s animation was made with Octane.

2019’s was made with Redshift.

Software Used:

Cinema 4D

After Effects


Octane Render

Spurs Rodeo Road Trip - 2019

Heading into 2019, I wanted to re-model our scene to take place in a den/study setting. I took a lot of inspiration from steampunk and industrial decor when modeling the scene. As for the primary elements, we switched out the topological map for a grungy wood texture instead, and gave the teams logos a similar treatment.

Spurs - Summer League 2018 Intro

This was BFGoodrich’s first year sponsoring the Rodeo Road Trip. Along with converting the map from Native materials to Octane, I was also tasked with somehow working an actual 3D BFGoodrich tire into the scene. It’s in the final road shot, when the car drives by. Blink and you’ll miss it! The client loved the subtlety.

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