This project was produced for AMC Theaters during my short time at Intake Studios. The idea was to show the audience an  animated introduction for every possible movie genre. My role during this project varied from compositing, lighting, particle effects and a animating the 2D animations you’ll see through out the series.

Also, this was the final project I ever used V-Ray on, it’s been  all Octane and Redshift since 🙂

Software Used:

Cinema 4D


After Effects


AMC Action

Movie references include Star Trek, X-Men, Indiana Jones and Jurassic Park.

AMC Comedy

Movie references include Ghostbusters, The Hangover, and The Big Lebowski. This one is my personal favorite.

AMC Drama

Movie references include Castaway and The Usual Suspects.

AMC Family

Movie references include Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and Hotel Transylvania.

AMC Horror

Movie references include The Poltergeist and Alien.

AMC Romance

Movie references include Titanic and Eyes Wide Shut.

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